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LoraxPro offers a Free Trial for project teams to kick off and manage their LEED projects. The Free Trial does not expire and can be upgraded to the full version of LoraxPro at any time.
LoraxPro can be licensed on a per-project month to month basis for $129/Month. Project teams will have full access to all features provided by LoraxPro. At the completion of the project, teams will always have unlimited access to their project data at no extra cost.
Project teams can license LoraxPro through a one time fee of $3,000, allowing unlimited access to LoraxPro for the entirety of the project. With this option, the LoraxPro Support team offers help with training and project set up.
Companies that start multiple projects per year will find value in the LoraxPro Enterprise license. Some benefits of becoming a LoraxPro Enterprise customer include, a single annual fee, and unlimited projects across all rating systems.